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As you know...

The Silkai are magic beings...

that grow from the Ground...

to nurture and protect it.

They instantly love the land from which they grow,
and joyfully devote their existence to it. 

But did you know that there are a certain kind of Silkai that are not content to stay upon their Ground?
A kind that seeks a bigger, powerful Land?
A kind that is destined to search and conquer Kingdoms?


These are The Battlers.

Using the power of their Ground, Battlers are able to leave it, traveling long distances in order to challenge the reigning Silkai of the Kingdom they want.

Some win, becoming the powerful guardian of a Kingdom,   
But most will lose, sacrificing their forms and their power. 

All for ambition, all for power,
All for their Land!

But what if a fierce Battle Silkai 

happens to have grown

from a tiny...


flower garden?

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