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I'll show you!

I'll show you all!!

Where I Write

If you're ever in Berkely, CA., I'm often in one of several places down College Avenue.
​Usually I'm at  Cuppa Tea

(It's a nice tea cafe. No relation to my own company, but it's still serendipitous),













Or else I'm at Espresso Roma 

just down the street!





  Or else I'm at ONE particular
in Walnut Creek!


Melynda Kiring and Cuppa T Books

I am a writer in the San Francisco East Bay.

When I'm not writing, I'm at a glittering day job, or doing a show, or spending time with my little black cat Lily. But mostly I write.


Cuppa T Books is my own little self-publishing company, established  in 1997, and 8 books later still going strong! 

In time, other stories will become available for public consumption, yet for now, FORTRESS is definitely my focus. 


If you wouild like to contact me, please do!

Just copy and paste and write to...  


...and I will answer!


(Sorry it's not a link. I've been having trouble with domain to e-mail,

so the old-fashioned way it is!)


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