The Bookmarks.

What would a Fortress website be without mentioning these little goodies?

Every year since I began exhibiting the book at conventions, I have created a handmade bookmark. Each are different in color and content, and I hand them out with the book. 

The nifty thing about these is they give little bits of the story that aren't in the actual novel.

Bookmark #1 (2009) "Pink Cloud Tonic"

Bookmark #1 - back

Bookmark #2 (2010) - "May's Diner"

Bookmark #2 - back

Bookmark #3 (2011) "The High Priestess"

Bookmark #3 - back

Bookmark #4 (2012) - "The Ruby Bugs"

Bookmark #4 - back

Bookmark #5 The Twin Gods (2013)

Bookmark #5 The Twin Gods (2013) back